About Us

CPH CASE provides you with a shock and fall proof, 360-degree protection for your phone with a stylish, length-adjustable strap that you can wear around your neck, over the shoulder or wrap it around your wrist. CPH CASE is extremely light and slim due to its high quality material. Additionally, all covers are made from recycled plastic. CPH CASE covers are therefor the first sustainable and environmental friendly phone necklace. It is our vision to decrease single use plastic and do our part as a company to decrease negative impacts on our planet.

The case is 100% original Danish design. We strive to make your life easier and your smartphone both more fashionable and practical.

The idea for CPH CASE occurred, when Owner Sophia had her phone stolen, for the third time, on a night-out. Thereafter she was determined to make it more convenient to have one’s phone at hand, without worrying, that it could be either stolen or dropped.

Living in Denmark, especially the bigger cities like Copenhagen, the commute by bike is very prevailing. Usually, it is not too hard to find one’s way around the streets of Copenhagen. Every now and then it can, however, get a little tricky and smartphone navigation is needed. Here, CPH CASE makes the perfect accessory. By simply having one’s phone strapped around the shoulder, following your navigation has never been more convenient. No more distractions from having your phone in one hand or worrying about dropping it.

CPH CASE is beneficial for a wide variety of people, job titles and situations. Event coordinators, needing to deal with last minute event changes. Mothers, who don’t want to constantly search for their phones in diaper-bags or have cracked screens, when their toddler decides to take over the phone. Influencers, needing phones at hand, to produce content and communicate with their followers. Anyone, who can’t be bothered to take a bag with or wanting to choose an outfit without pockets – CPH CASE got your back.

Drunk texting is now risk free- at least for your phone screen – despite unbalances of any kind.