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Greenery at home

For people who suck at taking care of plants

Research shows that the more green space in our surrounding environment, the easier and more effectively our brains and nervous system can function. Just having them in your home can help improve your mental health.

In a way, they associate you into thinking you’re in nature and open space and reduce mental fatigue and stress while increasing relaxation and self-esteem because they have a sense of peace around them. Another awesome benefit that they offer is the air quality.

Plants release oxygen into the air and take up the toxins and carbon dioxide. More oxygen means your body and mind can work more effectively and that way you can stay productive and concentrated. Plus they bring a more sophisticated look and fit well in any kind of indoor style and look.

There are so many positive benefits of having plants in your home and the choices are endless. You just need to look for the ones that work to your advantage. Here we are going to mention some house plants that do not require that much watering and direct sunlight but offer the same advantages as any other plant.


Snake plants are known as the most tolerant plants in the world of plants and go also by the name of Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. They can survive low light levels, drought and have few insect problems. They can adapt to full sun conditions and will also survive quite dim situations.

They are perfect for absorbing excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. Additionally, they emit oxygen and filter other toxins from the air. And don’t worry if you forget to water it. It’s good with being watered once a month and if you forget again, don’t beat yourself up – it will probably grow even bigger.

In fact, if you over-water it, you probably are going to kill it and you will know that because the leaves will start turning yellow. There are a couple of variations of the snake plant and most of them differ in growth height and/or different coloration of the leaves.


Another awesome plant for homes that don’t have that much natural light is the ZZ plant. Zamioculcas zamiifolia is its original name and is able to thrive in areas with both low and high amounts of light. One of the ZZ Plant Benefits is improving the severely compromised, indoor air quality and is also known to enhance cognitive function.

Another thing that I’m sure a lot of people will love is that this plant is not so needy for water and will require watering only once every 3-4 weeks. Watering too frequently or allowing the ZZ plant to sit in water will lead to its roots to rot.

The plant is known for its wide, dark green leaves and it can make a great desk plant or floor plant and can grow quite tall if left alone.


Philodendrons are easy to maintain and will make any room look great with their big dark green leaves. They need only basic care, and unlike many houseplants with needs that change with the seasons, philodendrons need the same care year-round.

Their main benefit is that they remove harmful chemicals from the air like formaldehyde. All philodendrons do well in shady areas but it’s good if they get any natural light that comes into the room.

Moreover, these plants do not require that much water and are fine if you skip watering them now and then. Philodendrons are also dangling, so you can put them in high places and they will go down the side.



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