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Introduce sustainability into your beauty routine

Talking about skincare and skin cosmetics is probably a topic that never goes out of style. Your everyday ritual is probably second nature, and we believe that not many skin enthusiasts consider what kind of impact has that on the environment. A lot of the products you tend to use come in packaging that most likely end up in waste bins and at the end in landfills or more tragically in oceans.

When you aim for a more sustainable lifestyle, it’s important you incorporate all parts of it. You may consider buying less plastic and recycling is enough, but there is just so much more to it. However, it’s best if you start one step at a time, and take it day by day, one part after another.

If you’ve been meaning to make some more changes to be more sustainable, we suggest you consider making your beauty routine more sustainable. Sustainable beauty routines have become one of the biggest beauty trends recently. While people try to get a hold of their skin concerns and find the best products which will work for them, they also try to use products that are more sustainable. That way no harm is done on their skin, nor the planet.

We are going to give you some tips on how to start the whole process and carry on.


What you’ll first need to do is decide on which kinds of products you really need and remember: Less is (sometimes) more. Stick to the basics. Don’t buy more products now in the start, but finish the ones you have on hand. While doing that, decide on what is necessary and research where you can get them.

Be mindful of how much product you’re using. Whichever product you use, be sure to use them in small amounts, meaning that you should only use as much as you need. Don’t pump an additional pump from your foundation and then throw away and wash the remaining you didn’t use on your face.

Save water by not leaving the water running while you brush your teeth or wash your face. While it may seem easier to just leave the water running, this little bit of time can have a big impact.


Shop with brands that follow environmentally friendly practices. A brand may be considered sustainable by looking at all or one of the different aspects contributing to a product. That may be the choice of ingredients in the formulation, the production process, packaging, shipping and distribution, as well as recycling options offered.

At the beginning don’t stress yourself about respecting and considering all parts of this. It may be hard making that transformation and you may feel scared about how everything is going to react on your skin. You should introduce one thing at a time, gradually, as choosing and trying any other product, so that you know if something irritates your skin. Once you find a couple of brands you can trust to be sustainable, all you have to do is try out their products and pick your favorites.


Buy bigger bottles, instead of smaller bottles more often. It’s pretty clear and self-explanatory. If you get small bottles, you increase the times you will need to throw out the bottle. Usually, bigger products are also cheaper than buying the product in smaller packaging. And you wouldn’t spend so much time shopping.


People often tend to forget recycling in this part of their home and that’s mostly because they have only one bin for all the trash in the bathroom. Make sure you put a recycling bin inside your bathroom, and ensure your cosmetic containers and their packaging go into the appropriate bin.

This way they can be repurposed. You can feel free to also upcycle and get a little creative and crafty. Some of the containers can be used for planting, like pots, from the containers of your moisturizer, or if it has a taller structure, you can use it as a vase for flowers.


To limit your packaging consumption, look for refillable products. They vary from color pallets, perfumes, foundation, and refillable lipstick, to soap, shampoo, and shower gels. It can be quite satisfying changing and choosing different shades every time.

Many beauty products are coming out with interchangeable refills so you can switch out your eyeshadows or lipstick shades based on the look you’re going for. And on the plus side, refillable beauty products generally save money. It may not be much, but for sure refills give you a chance to reduce single-use plastic.


Sure, using q-tips helps, but they present such a strain on the environment. They end up being discarded here and there, clogging up sewers and ending up in landfills. That’s why there are replacements for the old, regular q-tips from plastic and those are bamboo q-tips.

They are made from sustainable bamboo and cotton and pretty much all of them come in compostable paper, plastic free or recycled material packaging. They perform the same way as any other plastic q-tip would, so why not consider that on your next trip to the store.


Similarly, seek for toothbrushes made from recycled or sustainable materials such as bamboo. Bamboo is compostable and biodegradable, making it an extremely sustainable alternative to plastic. That actually stands for all make-up brushes and hair brushes also. Opt for brushes and tools made from recycled or sustainable materials, like bamboo. You should also consider using brushes that have synthetic bristles as opposed to real animal hair.


You can also get rid of those disposable razors that are the most common and used and try switching to a more sustainable option. Try a stainless steel safety razor, which is free of plastic and a great investment and can last for a long time. The only thing you need to change on them is the metal blades, but the good thing is that the old ones can be recycled.


This comes in handy when you are trying to reduce the packaging, because a lot of the shampoo bars come in recyclable paper. They can be used for your hair and body, meaning you don’t need to buy any plastic bottles for your shower at all. And in the meantime, you also save a lot in your budget by not spending more, as bars last a lot longer than regular shampoo or gel.


A way to remove makeup and not use a ton of cotton pads, or worse, makeup wipes (which by the way are doing more harm to your face) is to use microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths completely remove makeup and all the dirt from your face and also give a gentle exfoliation. Regularly clean and wash the cloths to prevent transferring that dirt and bacteria back on your face.

And in the end, no process is easy and overnight. Be kind to yourself and stay positive and patient. It’s easier than you think to reduce the amount of waste that you produce, specifically from the bathroom. 

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